Our Company

Morris Metals Service Inc.

was incorporated in the State of Texas on October 4, 1984. The company was the successor of the Houston branch of Centaur Metals Service of Ohio, which ceased operations in late 1984.

Gene and his wife, Oma Dell, have two children,  both of which are actively involved in company.

Our Founder

In a career that has spanned over  50 years, our President and founder, Mr. Gene P. Morris, has seen numerous trends in the metal industry come  and go. What hasn't changed in his years in the business is his commitment to providing his customers with a level of service that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Gene has been involved in the metal distribution business at every level and has a keen understanding of the needs of his end-users. He also recognizes the importance of working closely with mill suppliers to provide the highest quality materials at  a fair and competitive price.




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